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Los Cristianos Tenerife Information
Los Cristianos
Where Local Culture meets New Traditions
Los Cristianos was originally a small fishing village, but over the last 20 years has been transformed into one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Canaries.

Whether you want to have dinner by the sea or simply enjoy the sunset with a drink, Los Cristianos has no shortage of options.

For a more local experience, it is also possible to dive into the tradition by taking a stroll in the historical centre and sampling some of the fresh fish dishes caught by the local fishermen.
An array of Activities for all Budgets
Thanks to its harbour, Los Cristianos offers a huge variety of water activities, like fishing, whale watching, kayaking, scuba diving and snorkelling.

If instead you prefer to just relax in the sun, Los Cristianos has two sandy beaches not far from each other, Playa de Las Vistas and Playa de Los Cristianos.
If you want more...
If you want to visit another island, La Gomera it's an excursion that can be done in one day, and can be reached thanks to the numerous ferries leaving the harbour of Los Cristianos every day.

This paradise for nature lovers has small black-sand beaches and a wild mountainous landscape, which makes it ideal for hiking with its numerous trails.
Did you know?

El Silbo Gomero (Gomeran whistle), was historically used by inhabitants of La Gomera, to communicate across the deep ravines and narrow valleys that radiate through the island. It enabled messages to be exchanged over a distance of up to five kilometers.

In 2009, UNESCO declared it a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.
After Sunset
If you want to make the most of your holiday, Los Cristianos offers a number of fun pubs and bars that provide welcoming evening entertainment seven nights a week.

If you don’t want to go too far from Paloma Beach Apartments, The Vault Bar offers live music every night, and has an industrial-inspired flair providing an atmosphere like no other.

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Discover The Island
Tenerife is not a big island, but it is the perfect destination if you want to combine relaxation with more adventurous experiences. Teide, the highest volcano in Spain and the third in the world (3,715 m), divides the island in two. The green north, with its rich subtropical vegetation, is ideal for nature lovers that enjoy scenic hikes. The south, with its warm, sunny weather, is perfect for lazy days on the beach and entertaining nightlife.
“ Not all those who wander are lost “
J.R.R. Tolkien
Tenerife offers almost everything all year round: authentic gastronomy, sunny beaches, natural and amusement parks, variety of activities including hiking, water sports, stargazing and much more.
If you want to know more about what Tenerife can offer and book an excursion, have a look at the website: